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Engage with Community

Cloud-based community forum software.
Build loyalty, grow sales, and improve customer service.

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Put Your Customers First

The world’s most customer-centric companies are building communities using
Vanilla’s powerful platform.

Build Loyalty

Help customers create a social bond with you and each other.

Improve Service

Let customers help each other and deflect tickets.

Get Feedback

Improve your product or service with feedback and insights.

Convert Prospects

Create a sense of trust with prospective customers.

Everyone from advanced product development to sales benefit from the feedback gathered through the community. It gives everyone the ability to stand behind what they are making and selling.

Walker Fergusson
Lead Field Tester

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Community Forums Reinvented

A modern online community should be tightly integrated, easy to use, engaging and true to your brand. Software from the last decade just won't do.

Modern Forums

Easy and rewarding user experiences.



Customers can submit, view and vote on ideas to drive innovation.


Customers ask, answer and accept each other’s questions

Native Gamification

Encourage positive participation with Badges and Reactions.


Fully Branded

Theme Vanilla to perfectly match your website or app.

Seamless Integration

Single sign-on and CRM integration allow seamless workflows.

Mobile Ready

Mobile themes that work on any device or screen size.

Developer Friendly

Integrate via API and control theme HTML and CSS

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